These 7 apps hide the photos and files the way you want them to be concealed.

These 7 apps hide the photos and files the way you want them to be concealed

These apps hide your sensitive data in various ways; pick one that best suits your needs

Safeguard against voyeurs by hiding your data in these apps

The recent celebrity nude photo scandal caused lots of furore and anxious checks by users to see if their secrets were out among the more famous names. To avoid such hassles, especially when people other than you may scroll through your camera roll or photos album, there are quite a few apps you can use, and a few of the better ones are encapsulated below:

1. Keepsafe

In case you're searching for a straightforward application with the essential password insurance for pics and vids, take a look at Keepsafe. Basically feed in your PIN and import photographs to collections in the application. In the wake of importing photographs, verify that you have eradicated the original photographs, since the application does not consequently erase them from the default camera roll or photos album.

In the premium version, you get to apply fake codes, break-in cautions and individual passwords for individual collections. Keepsafe is accessible for gadgets running on both iOS and Android.


When you download KYMS, the application's symbol is camouflaged as the ubiquitous calculator. When you start up the application, a completely utilitarian keypad with math symbols shows up. You should simply punch in your 4-digit PIN number and the equivalent sign, and you have entry to your secret files, which can not only be photos or videos but also PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, Powerpoint PPTs and other documents. Additionally, KYMS permits you to import media from your desktop machine, cloud storage, and the web. It directly accesses Wi-Fi, so you can, without much of a stretch, adjust your accumulations between gadgets that have KYMS installed. KYMS is accessible for iOS gadgets.

3. Photovault

Particularly intended for concealing photographs, Photovault varies from different applications in light of the fact that it has distinct open and private exhibitions of your still images. The Private exhibition is ensured through password protection for concealed photographs, and the Public display is open to anybody who accesses your phone. You can decide to set the application to open in Public mode, so it seems, by all accounts, to be showing your entire camera roll. Photovault is accessible for Android gadgets. For concealing videos, the same developer has a Videovault application, buyable for $1.50 at the Google Play store.

4. Vaulty

Notwithstanding other secret-key secured apps, Vaulty permits you to alter your photographs, videos, and, in addition, sort and classify your data, and make different vaults with diverse passwords. As on other secretive apps, Vaulty incorporates a "mugshot" characteristic, with which it snaps a photograph of any individual who enters an off-target keycode.

A membership with Vaulty ensures that if you misplace your phone, you can restore your vault and recuperate your concealed photographs and files. There is an option to turn off online backups in case you feel uncomfortable with your data being stored in the Vaulty servers. Vaulty is accessible for Android gadgets.

5. Best Secret Folder

On the off chance that you don't need anybody to realize that you downloaded a security application, give Best Secret Folder a whirl. The symbol is masked as "My Utilities," so nobody will ever figure there are private photographs tucked away under the innocuous title.

When you open the application, you can set a secret key, have it messaged to yourself and compose a hint question-and-answer for it, but beware - you cannot afford to not remember your secret key, on the grounds that there is no real way to reset it.

As with apps of this kind, the application will auto-click photographs of nosey Parkers and record their geographical area. You have the choice to upload your photographs to the cloud, email them, add them to Dropbox or Google Drive etc. Best Secret Folder is accessible for iOS.

6. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault permits you to import photographs into collections and conceal them behind a PIN lock. Past the usual barrier of a keycode, the application has two extra gimmicks called "break-in report" and "decoy password". If somebody tries to enter the application, it will subtly take a photograph of the individual and log their GPS area so you can see who was attempting to get to your private photographs. You additionally have the alternative to set up a secret word that dispatches an alternate set of pictures, in the event that you want to throw someone's suspicions off. Private Photo Vault is accessible for iOS gadgets.

7. Gallery Lock Lite

Dissimilar to applications of the same genre, Gallery Lock Lite gives you a chance to put the application symbol in "Stealth Mode," so it doesn't show up on your screen. When you decide to access your hidden photos, you'll need to launch the application by opening your calling app and writing in an asterisk, then your secret key and finally pressing "Call." Gallery Lock Lite will also get a photograph of any interloper with your phone's front-confronting cam after three incorrect passcode endeavors. The free iteration of Gallery Lock gives you a chance to shroud only a set number of photographs, and incorporates third-party promotions. Gallery Lock Lite is accessible for Android gadgets.

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