Staying connected and productive on-the-go is possible with these offerings on the Google Play store...

The six best Android applications which will help in expanding your business and provide added benefits

Android apps can increase your business' productivity

There ought to be something in your smartphones or tablets which can provide support in running your business. By choosing which Android applications should sit in your mobile device, you can do your business without breaking a sweat. Despite the fact that desktops still keep the most important things which help you in your business, why stay associated with the PC in our age of advanced mobile technology sitting in our palms? You, as of now, have a capable desktop in your pocket, so why not make its proper utilization?

Here are the six best Android applications which will help in expanding your business and provide added benefits of being connected on-the-go.

Quick Office

On Android, you will get a lot of MS-Office-type applications, yet in the event that you are not kidding about your business, you must pick Quick Office to alter and create reports, presentations and spreadsheets. The application gives better instruments to embed outlines, tables and other usually troublesome components in the report. Also, on the off chance that you are disconnected from the net, you can still alter your files offline and they will sync when the connection resumes.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free application of Android. It is Google's own particular data stockpiling solution. Android clients can store data, impart a substantial measure of information classification through folders, and can provide for their clients a straightforward entry to all the documents and reports. The application is totally incorporated with Quick Office, you just have to sign into your Google account and each file that you alter or make will be transferred to your Google Drive's cloud. You can even introduce Google Drive desktop application on your office PC to have a second option to utilize your records and archives.


Skype is one of the paramount applications that will build the gains of your business. It is a free application. Reducing travel time drastically, Skype is a virtual conferencing application to meet your customers or workers on the web, utilizing the front camera of your mobile device. Even when offline, you can send a message to any customer or worker.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Small to mid-scale entrepreneurs can utilize this application free of charge. It is a safe and solid application which will help you associate with your office PC through any smartphone or tablet. It is a simple application to utilize applications of Windows. For instance, you can use Microsoft Word from your tablet or mobile to view your archives.


Evernote is a vital note taking application, which will help you in arranging your life and your business. The application permits you to physically enter all the notes, make a schedule, snap photographs to annotate notes, and permits you to do a lot more things as you get comfortable in using it.

Google Calendar

There are numerous scheduling applications in Google Play store; however, the best application for business clients is the freely available Google Calendar. There is no reason to miss any exceptional updates as to your upcoming calls, email sending alerts, business meetings or conferences, since this application will accumulate all events in a single space, and will even send an update in your mail with respect to the same..