Gmail full? Here are 5 steps you can take...

Gmail full? Here are 5 steps you can take

Google's Gmail service doesn't offer unlimited storage. Running out of storage? Well, here are some handy solutions for you to manage your emails better.

Clean your Google Drive and Photos
By default Google gives 15GB storage to free Gmail users. But this storage is shared among various Google services, most importantly Google Drive and the Photos. So for example, if you have 10GB photos uploaded on to Google servers, the space available to your Gmail is going to be 5GB. Now, if you are running out of storage for mails, one of the best way to free up some extra space by checking how much of it is being used by Google Drive and Photos. If there are large files in your Photos and Google Drive, delete them if you can. That will free up the space for emails.
Find and delete big emails
In most cases, your emails are likely to be small. Like 50kb small. But over the period of time, you also accumulate big emails. Like that time when your uncle in the Us sent you summer vacation pictures in three emails, each laden with images and with size of 25MB. The trick to reclaim space in the Gmail is to delete these emails. How do you do that?
There is an easy way: in the email search bar write "larger:20m". With this you are telling the Gmail to find emails that are larger than 20MB in size. You can pick any size that you want -- 5MB, 1MB, 10MB etc. This will give you all the large emails that you have in your inbox. You can then delete all or some of them to free up significant space in the inbox.
Empty Updates and Promotions
Google Gmail has tabs for quite some time now. Of these tabs, Inbox is the primary area where all of your important emails come. But then there are also Updates, where LinkedIn emails come, and Promotions where you get emails from your banks. Most of the time these are useless emails. When you are running low on space, you can safely delete them.
Find old emails
You don't need to keep the conversations you had with your college friend 10 years ago about the Star Wars and Star trek in your inbox. Do you? If you don't want old emails clogging your mailbox, just search for them. Again the trick is same. Go to the email search bar and type "older_than:1y" or something similar. Once you have the mails sorted, delete the ones that you want.
Buy some space
If you are a power user of Gmail, it makes sense to buy extra storage. Currently Google gives 100GB storage at a price of $1.99 (around Rs 120) per month. In case that is not enough for you, you may have to subscribe to $9.99 plan that gives 1TB of storage space. This is one easy and hassle-free -- but also lazy -- solution to the Gmail problem. But it also happens to be probably the devious plan that Google always had for the Gmail users. It promised us unlimited storage, made us forget the art of deleting emails and now offers some cheap storage that pampers to the laziness inside us. Sneaky Google, very sneaky!

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