Chrome on Android has a hidden game. And it is better than Nokia Snake

Chrome on Android has a hidden game. And it is better than Nokia Snake

The clever and playful engineers

What do you do when your smartphone encounters a rough patch of connectivity and loses all the signals? Shake a fist at it? Howl in rage? Slam it on the floor? Bite your nails? Pray to the networking gods for mercy?

We all do something like that. Losing cell connection is terrible.

But there is a way to survive it, with a smile.

Next time when your phone is in airplane mode, try this. Open the Chrome app - if you are already not in it - and type a website URL. Hit enter and wait for the message "you are offline" to come. Now tap on the tiny black & white 8-bit dinosaur. Magic! The browser turns into a game.

The clever engineers at Google have hidden this tiny little game inside the Chrome. The game can be accessed only when the phone is in offline mode. It is an endless racer game where the tiny dino runs through a desert in a straight line and as a player you have to make it jump over the cactus plants. The dino hits the plant and the game is over. But if you can navigate it through obstacles, you can collect as many points as you want.

While a smartphone is a kind of device that is capable of running visually impressive and modern looking games like Asphalt 8 - even in offline mode - there is charm in this little game inside the Chrome. It reminds users of an era long gone, an era when games like Nokia's Snake used to rule the hearts - and on some occasions minds - of phone users. Just like the Snake, the hidden Chrome game has very basic black & white graphics and is very simple to play.

The game is only available on Android phones. It is not available on Chrome on PC. If you can't access it on your phone, update the Chrome. You will most likely get it, unless you are running a very old version of Android.

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